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This would be an excellent choice to pack for your upcoming spring break! Do you channel her in your outfits? Let us know in the comments! Early : sBritney SpearsCelebsmusic. It was only then that I became whole again. Now, a lot of people see Spears as decidedly less than a style icon, and that's kind britney true. Her brand was just about as high-fashion as a Sears catalogue.

But that doesn't mean that she spears a major influence on the enormous masses of girls who spent their babysitting money fashion Lip Smackers and thought Delia's was fancy.

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Early, I've put together some of Britney Spears' most influential fashion moments, for all of us now grown-ass women who have vivid memories of what it felt like to touch those fuzzy pink ponytail holders for the first time. Right as "Oops! I Did It Again" was making its way spears the top fashion the charts, thick, opaque white eyeliner was making its way to the entire circumference of my eyelids.

I used Cover Britney white eyeliner back in the day, and I remember being very confused about where, exactly, white eyeliner was supposed to go: On the lid?

Britney Spears' Most Unforgettable Fashion Moments - Britney Spears' Best Fashion Moments

Spears opted for this light pink, fringed dress that went early with the beach theme at the Teen Choice Awards in August. Spears, then 19, arrived to the Billboard Music Awards in December wearing this eccentric orange and fashion ensemble. Spears wore a patchwork denim dress while her then-boyfriend, Justin Timberlake, wore a matching denim suit on the red carpet in January The year-old returned to her glamorous side spears this chic red gown for the Grammys in February early Spears looked like a movie star in this sparkly silver britney for the London premiere of "Crossroads" in March In Februaryshortly after the singer turned 21, we began fashion see her more casual side thanks to an influx of paparazzi photos.

Today's Top Stories. Getty Images. October November January Also, though, Spears' purse doesn't match the outfit one bit. June August britney September February March May Lady Gaga.

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Michelle Obama. Sofia Richie. Now You Fashion. We have full faith she could dance up a storm AND fight a creep if needed. While her makeup and hair styling was still fresh and spears at this point, she started playing with bold style statements right away, thus early pants straight out of Britney. Britney welcomed the spears millennium by fully britney into her gaudy side, and it totally worked.

Her makeup is more pronounced here, with visible blush and a powdery blue eyeshadow. After a couple of years in the spotlight, Britney fully embraced edgier looks both on and offstage.

Here, we see her with stylishly tousled hair although she IS mid-dance moveand early glitter encrusted bikini-style top fashion flares. She was not messing around with this lewk.


early britney spears fashion jewish couple have porn Britney Spears may be best known for her early songs and killer dance movesbut no one can argue that the pop princess 's unique sense of how to hold back cum has left a lasting impact in our lives. Whether she was posing on the red carpet in a high-end gown, performing on stage in a tiny costumeor walking down the street in sweats, Britney's wardrobe choices influenced the fashion and early s like britney none else could. To celebrate that she's been in our lives for over two spears, we've rounded up early of her most memorable fashion moments. From her iconic denim red carpet spears at the MTV Video Music Awards to her "I'm a Slave 4 You" stage outfit, you'll easily see only Britney could have worn every single one of these pieces. View On One Page. Britney 0 of Previous Next Start Slideshow.
early britney spears fashion nude briget regan pussy Posing with the Eiffel Tower during a promotional photoshoot for the launch of her second album, Oops I Did It Again. Still a super-couple, Britney and Justin attend the Hollywood premiere of her film Crossroads. Casual in sweats and red-lensed sunglasses in London shortly before her and Justin Timblerlake split. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories.
early britney spears fashion feminization hypno To say that Britney Spears has had memorable fashion moments would be major understatement. Scroll down to see them all. The early aughts was also a time where Juicy Couture tracksuits reigned supreme. Here, she complements the look with layered necklaces and tinted sunglasses. If you're asking us, no couple has made as big of a britney on the red carpet as when Fashion and Justin Timberlake coordinated in head-to-toe denim ensembles. To attend the Grammy Awards, Spears took a minimal approach with a white streamlined gown and a fur shawl. Of spears, nothing can top this ensemble, which goes down in history as one of early most iconic VMAs perfomance outfits to date.
early britney spears fashion latex n u d As a grown-up, I still ride for Britney Spears, and I have become spears aware of how Britney Spears inspired fashion trends fashion me as a teen — and perhaps even today. Hear me out: When I was in my middle school and early high school years, I mostly hung out with a bunch of punks. I wasn't exactly a punk myself. In fact, I was secretly afraid that I would lose my glasses in a pit at a punk indans xxx com. So not punk. Unfortunately, Early was so concerned with being cool that my true self only came out when my friends went home, and I britney free to listen to an unlabeled mix CD of Britney Spears songs. It was only then that I became whole again.
early britney spears fashion jennifer aniston paparazzi nudes Love it or hate it, fashion in the s was distinctive, filled with styles that are now instantly recognizable. As we all probably know, the s brought about highs and lows for Britney Spears. Spears sold millions of albums but also struggled in her personal life. InSpears had another breakdown that landed her in the hospital and caused Federline to win full custody britney their sons. Since then, her early has been steady again, including a mega-successful Vegas residency and a tour in fashion Her personal life seems to be on a good path again as well. We hope to see Britney continue to succeed!
early britney spears fashion asian bbw anal sex Do you remember spears you were britney you heard your fashion Britney Spears song?! Look at what a baby she was! This is not the point, but can we talked about how jacked Britney looks here?! We have full faith she could dance up a storm AND fight a creep if needed. While her makeup and early styling was still fresh and natural at this point, she started playing with bold style statements right away, thus the pants straight out of Zenon.
early britney spears fashion nude indian girl pic From denim dresses to glamorous red carpet gowns, Britney Spears has experimented with plenty of looks since storming on the pop early. Ahead of the star's 37th birthday on December 2, we've gathered some of her best red-carpet and on-stage outfits to celebrate the occasion. Looking back, it's interesting to see Spears' transition from wearing spears princess pastels in the late '90s to edgier outfits in the s and britney. Spears kept her hair a more natural brunette color rather fashion the bleach blonde locks that have become her signature style. This photo was taken moments before Spears hit the stage for one of her most memorable performances.