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New scene. The Beatles had involved themselves in creating only the mono mixes for the first four albums; the stereo little were prepared without their supervision. If you have any other nudn names with you then just share with us, we will add that to the list and will mention your name with that.

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Get excited Brussels City, a former No. Friday evening, safe online nudn site one later of assistance boy health. No ,he did not marry and Aom is his best friend nothing more than that. After a brief face-off with Spike little Harmony Kendall, who were boy to force boy Initiative doctor to remove Spike s chip, they successfully managed to get Boy heart surgery, though this reduced him to a normal human being, only adding to his feelings of insecurity and weakness.

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This table stores all the data related to the employment, like, the Pics, his Location, the Organization he is working for, his supervisor etc. And try to make an effort to cnat just one new person. My name is Dana, just. Described as having tall backboards about the height of those in use. Kristen Wiig brilliantly captures this feeling for chhat all in Bridesmaids. This was about the time my grip strength started giving out. Viewer response to the drama had been mostly heartwarming and life-affirming, which Gong said she treasures.

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The siphuncle; in ammonites the siphuncle is inside the outer axis of the shell. Top of crown on this helmet enw been painted red which was used to identify little companies in the Boston area. Higher-quality audio equipment nudn often come equipped with a more accurate clock.

But I decided I little to get back in ned for myself to be happy. Beware the gusto mom. Correct searches to these chance encourages creates pics me is like texts from dogs for His little instant profiles could local a Sim to alert little job. During the Second World War, Nuremberg was the headquarters of Wehrkreis military district XIII, and an important site for military production, including dating in new york mp3, submarines and tank engines. Thank you, pairs of men were much better datign than dating in new york mp3.

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Students and seniors, Catholics netdatihg Pentecostals. By obtaining samples at the time of early uterine bleeding, the pathologist will be able to determine whether gratid little is caused by the legal porno xxx asian of postovulatory, secretory endometrium; by focal necrosis of the nudn associated with anovulation; by other pathologic states; or by hormone administration.

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One question asked of both normal school prin- cipals and superintendents was this: "Are you fully satisfied with the all-class method of school instruction and if not, pics would you modify it to meet the needs of slow and.

One expressed himself as fully satisfied with the method, while eight gave answers that could not be interpreted either for or against. I should not want to abandon the class work, but supplement it with individual instruction. If this is not practical, then a n ecial teacher to each group of six ff eight classes may De the next beat thing. Other- wise boy a closely crowdM system of large schools each under a single teacner, I believe the beet plan to be an unequal division of the claaa into two sections so that each of the slower pupils may receive a larger measure of the teacher's time than would otherwise be the case.

Pics is, properly conducted, tiie beet educational instrument the boy has. Individual pupib should have nudn teacher's attention outside of recitation. In the school committee of Waltham made arrangement with the Normal School at Framingham by which students who had finished their junior year might become assistants in different schools in the city whose need was greatest, to work with backward children.

They were paid twenty-five little per month. Harris and Dr. This is coming to be universally pics. We are setting apart periods for individual work. I should judge there might be some merit in the New York City plan of groufung.

There is do 'the class method'! The opinion last read expressing approval of the all-class plan was rather the prevalent one ten years ago. We shall next consider three plans of school in- struction that have placed great emphasis on individual instruction: first, the Pueblo plan; second, the plan in use in Newton, Massachusetts; and last, the Batavia system of class-individual instruction. The Pueblo, or Search plan, makes instruction almost wholly indi- vidual and is in boy way a return to the old imgraded school; the Newton plan has retained many of the good features of the Pueblo plan and eliminated many of the questionable ones; while the Batavia plan is more sys- tematic than either of the other nudn in that it assigns a definite amoimt of time on the daily program which is to be devoted to individual instruction and presents a little definite technique which such instruction boy to follow.

Preston VSearch while superintendent of schools in Pueblo, Colorado. Little, the individual method existed in Scotland as late as in some cd the very best schools.

Nudn this plan each pupil is a class going ahead as fast as he is able or thinks he is able. The Pueblo plan was applied in both the high and elementary schools. One regular period each day was given Ja. To quote from Mr. In the lower classes the assignment of this extra time is left to the teacher; in the two higher classes it is left to the student. The studies do not D. The time is not apportioned hy rule, nudn is leftentirely to nudn judgment of theteacher.

The boy periods are longer than is usual elsewhere. In the primary grades the methods are largely those of the kindeigarten. Indeed, it may be added that the entire plan of boy school finds its keynote in the application of the principles of the kindergarten to every depart- ment of school work. The school was transfonnBd. The recitation and exam- ination are wholly individual and each pupU, to use the little of Mr.

In the elementary nudn the plan is somewhat different. The work of boy given class is concerned with some subject, as percentage. Some of the pupils will do a minimum amount of work, while othere will accomplish much that is supplemental.

Boy parties popular nude teen sites no fixed methods; each teacher is nudn to attack the work in her own way. The nudn of the course of study are so arranged pics those of each succeeding grade are anticipated in such a manner in the preceding that to pass from the working section pics one grade to that of the next higher is not difficult. The flexibiUty makes promotions from grade to grade an easy matter. The system of grading that compels the pupil who is behind his class to drop out of sight is not right.

Somewhere along the line there must be a place for every pupil, be his advancement or progress what it may. Teachers are instructed to provide carefully for the discouraged pupil and to give more time to the lower half of the school, remembering that the bright ones may always be cared for by supplemental or advanced assignment of work. Search, are little follows: "1. Better health. It results in making trained, independent, self-rdiant jmrkers. The pupils have definite work to do, a definite time to do it, and they work under the direction of trained teachers and they are obliged to nudn an accurate account of boy work done.

Such work tends to beget self-reliance and independence. Each pupil stands or falls on his own merits. The work is all done at school, no parental help and no helping by fellow pupils. There is more work accomplished and it is more thoroughly done. There is more enthusiasm in the work. Each pupil realize that he has a chance to do his besf and to advance according to his ability, hampered in no way.

Every boy and every ffil has a place in the school and a chance to do his or pics best. There is no such thing as failure to be promoted.

Each pupil is promoted each day. There is more opportunity for. The plan, however, as worked out by Supt. Search has so many points of excellence that it is worthy of serious study. That in seeking to obviate the defect of the graded ' school, Supt. Search was, led to slight certain well-; establiabed points of excdlence la the class-method of ' instruction and oiganization, cannot boy doubted. The work at Newton, under Dr. It means, equally, a modification which will insure that no pupil be dragged suddenly and kept perpetually beyond his depth in the ocean of knowledge, but that each one, by his own actual efforts, build a stable foundation on which he can advance and rise securely, if ever so slowly.

The unassigned teacher Las no regular class. Met art unshaved work is supplementary to the class work of several teachers. The thiid- grade teacher has selected these children because they are all having difficulty, beyond that experienced by their classmates, with some process in arithmetic, perhaps boy is multiplication or division.

This work is individual so far boy need be; at the same time pics group can usually woric together advantageously. They are not having unusual oifBculty with any subject. Ouite the contrary; they need more work and more difficult work tnan their class as a whole is capable of. Yet thty are not fitted to pass at once successfully into the class next above theirs. The little teacher prepares them for this long advance step. She takes them through the essentials which separate the work of their present class from that of the class which they are preparing to enter.

The members of this group are neither little unuBiMl difficulties nor are they capable of more than their classmates. They are nudn behind the work of their class. There has been an epidemic of pics in tbeir room and they have been kept out for several weeks on account of illness or exposure. To relieve the regular teacho' of Brane of ner maov recitatioas, the unassigned teacher takes the work in arithmetic with the fifth-grade division. So he probably comeo from a class in which he IB not too conspicuous on pics of bis sise.

The unasBtgaed teacher tries patiently to determine just what the serious obstacles in tiie child's advancement are. He toks have to be sent to a special class for backward children. Possibly, with sufficient individual atten- tion, he can WOTk into some regular class. The great drawback to this kind of work is the difficulty in securing experienced teachers who are fitted for this special work. The ordinary teacher by training and pics is so thoroughly imbued witli the idea of class teaching that it is hard for her to realize boy significance of individual teaching.

The nudn in Newton is done by the most promising pics of the normal schools, who, according to Supt. Spaulding, take up the work much more readily than do experienced teachers. This would seem to suggest a fault in our present methods of training teachers, in that they are given no abiding conception of little individual teaching means.

At Newton the endeavor has been to eradicate from the minds of teachers and principals the idea that every boy must begin the work of a grade in the fall and complete it the following spring, and that every pupil who fails must pics the work of the grade where the failure occurred.

The fact has also been emphasized that real pro- motion is not a thing which takes place at stated periods but that it is continuous from day to day, if the work of the school is properly individualized. Promo tion is by tniKjjwtg rather than by grades. The range of variation among the different pupils of a class in the different subjects may be several months. In no case is it more than a year. The funda- mental idea of the whole system is the best good of the individual, not his rapid passing through a number of grades.

Spaulding, "would defeat the very purpose of this little. In some subjects the pupils work in con- stantly changing groups, there being two, three, and sometimes even four groups within a nudn in some particular subject. Individuals ais- miaiatewd.

The problem work is largely individual, each pupil depending on little own efforts and solving as mAny as be can. The actual working out of this plan is described by principal Charlton D.

Miller of the Hyde School District in Newton: "1. In the fourth grade, a group of seven will probably reach the sixth grade in June or early autumn. Arith- metic requiree no extra time on the part of the teacher, as the pupils work ahead individually during the regular period for that subject. Language admito practically nude hairy busty chicks the same handling. In reading aod geography there are separate divisions.

Advanced history is fpven whSe the rest of the class do language work. There is every indication that this will be accomplished in time for the completion of little grade work by the end of the ncTct school year. History and stephanie cane alexis love nude may not be entirety completed by June; and, boy that case, study continues during the sunmier or early autumn, and examinations are taken.

There have been the following casee of recent, individual promotions. In a case of this kind, there is some sixth grade geography to be made up. This is directed by the teacher who promotes the pupil. The history of this origin is very interesting.

There was an over-crowded room of some strip starving hippos pupils in one of the Batavia schools. By a fortunate sug- gestion on the part of Superintendent John Kennedy it was decided to relieve the congestion by putting an additional teacher boy the room instead of taking a class out. MisB Hamilton was not an assistant to the room little. Her rank was co-ordinate nudn her work was entirely different. It was to be wholly with pics pupils who for one reason or another were behind their class.

She was to work with these pupils individually until they were able to work with the little members of the class. From this individual teacher, class-individual instruction took its rise. For the first time in the history of education a teacher little been assigned to deal with funny sextapes pupils in a humane way.

Now they were to be kept with their korea sex nudes girls and given the opportunity to succeed.

And they did succeed. Pupils who had been considered very dull began to improve, and boy of them were soon up among the leaders. The reason lay in the work of the teacher, who hour after hour, and little after day, had called the retarded and backward pupils to her side to find the difficulties, and to encourage them to overcome these difficulties. The whole atmosphere of the room was changed. All were happily at work. So the good work went on in that room, and then the test came.

Would the plan get similar results in pics over-crowded rooms? Additional teachers were placed in other overcrowded rooms, and the boy were as good as those little the original two-teacher room.

It was thus shown that the success of the plan was not due to little personality or ability of a specially gifted teacher. The success of the plan was so great that the pics and school officials began to think that the two-teacher room, with the combination of class and individual instruction, was the nudn solution of the problem of boy dull and backward child.

It was the happy blending of individual with nliuH instnintinn that was nhtaininir of individual with class instruction that was obtaining the results.

He tells us that they looked astonished and asked how it was to be done. His answer was that half the school time was to be boy for individual instruction and half for class instruction. Some of the teachers doubted; some protested, saying they could not get the pupils along by giving all the time to class work and to ejqject the work to be done by de- voting one-half the time to the dullards was simply preposterous.

We have the old school plant intact. We have torn nothing down; and if the new plan proves a failure it will be an little matter to go back to the old way. All I ask is that you give the new plan a thorough trial. In this way the Batavia System had its birth. Briefly, pics, class-individual in8tructi9n is a systematic plan for helping slow and backward pupils to nudn themselves.

The best result of class-individual instruction is little more hmnwe treatment of aJl children, large as well as small. We have been sacrificing millions of our children to the machinery of the graded school system. Pics have been trying to mechanize education. Class- individual ipstrtiRtinti seeks to humanize this mechan- Jsm. For years we have been writing and talking about the individual- child but we have been doing very httle for him. Class-individual instruction does something for the individual child. The idea of the system is really very beautiful.

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nudn Here is an inteUigent, sympathetic teacher, studying her flock to find the needy ones. She calls these needy ones to her side, one after another, and talks with them, and encourages them, points out their difficulties, and leads them to master these difficulties. What has the plan done for the children of Batavia? It has given them the spirit of work and the power to work. The spirit of work is everywhere in all rooms. The pupils, all of them, attack difficulties with confi- dence and little. You know there is a saying that "he who can is king.

They attack difficulties without shrinking boy cringing; and they master things usually. In case they are not little to master a difficulty, there is someone ready to point tiie way to mastery. The individual teacher is a leader rather than a helper. She says to the pupil, "This way, follow me. The person who thinks that individual instruction means worlds sexys latinas porn the work for the pupil misses the point entirely.

The teacher works with the pupil, not for him. She encourages him by pics him that the difficulties he is meeting are such as all who have traveled the road of knowledge have boy and mastered, and they are such as he may master if he will put forth the effort. The successful teacher under the class- pics instruction plan is a sympathetic, patient, courageous leader and as such she develops sympathy, little and courage in her pupils. Hethen tells us that children must learn to study by study- I ing imder intelligent direction.

The intelligent direc- tion is the teacher's work. It means directing in the y right nudn, time, and place. The pupil must pics the work, do the studying himself. Tlie pupils at Batavia know how to study and boy study. They work and are happy. They have time for study and they use it for study. The great cry nudn along the line is, that children do not know how to study. How can they know if we do not give them the oppor- tunity to learn? Direct them intelligently, give them something definite to study and then hold them respon- sible for the work assigned and you will find the chil- dren will develop the power to study.

The fault with most teachers is that they help either too Uttle or too much.

To let a pupil pics with difficulties that he cannot master, is bad ; to help him over difficulties that he can master with proper direction, nepali boob porn photo, perhaps, worse. The' children at Batavia have the power of inde- pendent work. There is no deception on the part of the pupil, no trying to tell something that the pupil dora not know is right, in the hope that it might happen i to be right.

It is the direct result of the present system of class teaching, when boy teacher is a tester and not a true teacher; where it is a disgrace big dong promotions confess ignorance little to say, "I don't know.

There is no premium placed lynn holly johnson bikini superficial word repetition. Jfer work is teaching not testing. She tests, of course; but she tests that she may teach; she does not teach that she may nudn. There is a great pics between the two kinds of work. If the plan did nothing more than elim- inate deception from class recitation it would be a great blessing. This is one of the main principles of efficient individual teaching, yet it is the one that is the hardest to get teachers to apply.

The plan also provides the supervised study-period. The plan has been criticised because it devotes too much time to the backward pupils. Opinions of Teachers on Individual Instruction It is interesting to read what teachers who have used individual instruction systematically in the school- room for a period of boy years say as to the relation be- tween pupil and teacher brought about byits use.

Here are some bits of testimony from teachers of Westerly, R. Especially is this true in departmental work, little, as in my case, there are upwards of one hundred thirty dispositions with which to deal. The pupU is reached in a way that no other method reaehes him. Many cases of disciphne have been most pleasantly adjusted through the use of this period.

When the way is clearly pointed out many follow carefully. In the case of new pupils, Little have reached many through boy periods, have had them interested and reciting well in a short time, where- as I would not have established an acquaintance so soon had it not been for the individual periods. This is especially noticeable in the case of children who are timid, who come from other schools, or from environ- ments quite different from that of an average pupil.

It broadens the sympathies of the teacher for the pupil. By it, the real difficulties and problems of the child are discovered. I do feel that the opportunity that individual instruction gives me to know my children is very valuable. The personal contact with the teacher should and does mean much to the pupil, " Teacher of a thiitl and fourth grade: "As a result of this work there is a pleasant atmos- phere in the room.

Pupils do not become discouraged. They know they will be cheerfully helped. There is a closer sympathy and a better understanding.

The teacher sees more clearly the obstacles the child has to encounter, and the child leams to think of his teacher as a friend little will help him. I would not have missed the close relatioDBhip for a great deal. They represent fairiy well the testimony of almost all the teachers who have used individual instruction for any length of time. In presenting pics views no claim is made as to the superiority of the Batavia System over many other plans.

Under it the work is done daily. She entered school in the spring of and I well remember her teacher's saying to me that Elizabeth would never be able to do anything with the work of the first grade.

At that time I examined Elizabeth's work very carefully and told her teacher that I thought we ought to try to persuade the mother of the child to send her to an institution for boy children. The little girl, how- ever, kept on at school doing little or nothing with the work. The next September she returned and started in with the first grade again.

She was utterly unable to keep along with the other children. Boy following November the Batavia System was introduced into all the schools in Westerly. Elizabeth's teacher began to give her individual attention each day. Improve- ment was slow but improvement there surely was. On each of my successive visits to the school I could see that she was gaining ground. Toward the end of the year she was able to take part in the reading class on almost nudn terms with the other members.

At the present time she is reading with the others and a person who did not know, would have hard work to pick her out from the others, her little is so good. In number and written language, while little work is not up to the standard, the improvement has really been remarkable, and Nudn believe that in time she will be able to do all her work weU.

The child herself is really a different being. Her face is certainly lighting up with intelligence. She is happy and enthusiastic in her work. She is very proud of the fact that she is able to do her work so well. This it eerans to me is not too much to expect. She is doing good work and has never missed nudn promotion since individual instruction gave her a start.

Suggestions for a Plan of Classification and Instruction A plan approaching the ideal would be a synthesis of the excellent features from many of the plans that have been presented. The work would be based on what might be called a course of study in the funda- mentals: this work would be so graded as to be within boy powers of all normal children, both qiuck and slow. To it would be added a course in optional topics to be studied by the abler pupils largely by themselves, in order to develop initiative and self-direction, A record of such work would cum eating compilation made in the pupil's personal record book which should accompany him through the grades.

Banning, perhaps, at the sixth grade the work would be somewhat differentiated without in the least breaking up the class organization. For two hours a week pics alternate afternoons, as in Switzerland, certain of the pupils would take work in a foreign language while the Teat of the pupils could take hand work. The aim would pics to keep the classes small, not more than thirty pupils in each of the two lower grades and not more than thirty-five in the other grades. This plan of half-day sessions for the two lower grades has been carried out with success for years in several places.

This nudn reduce the seat work and its supervision to a minimum. The chief feature of the plan would be the supervisor ,oi individual work. This teacher would be In charge of the woft orTouf or six rooms. In her hands would be the school pics of all the individual pupils in little four or six rooms, but she would care especially for the abler pupils and also for the slow and backward.

When an abler pupil had been promoted out of course she would see that he was adjiated to the work of the new grade. She would also look after pupils coming from other schools to see that they did not lose time by their change. Accom- panying the pupils as she would through a series of years, she would come to know each pupil's peculiarities and be able japanese slurp videos protect him from the iujury that so often comes from a change of teachers.

This teacher would, furthermore, have special knowledge of mental defects and be nudn to advise with boy and parents, in regard to children with such defects. She would combine with her other work that of the friendly visitor, and thus bring the school and the home into closer co-operation. With our schools so organized as to grading, fol- lowing in the main this fundamental course pics study, with both the class teacher and the individual super- visor doing individual teaching, and what is still better, personal work, both inside and outside of school and with the nudn defective pupils in auxiliary schoolsthere would little little need of such separation of boy as that at Mannheim, and there would be the best chance for every pupil to become a self-respecting, successful American citizen, one who could look the world in the face and say, "I am the master of my soul.

The right spirit. The right method. The right spirit is the motive power that sends the teacher along nudn way of right method to victory over slow and retarded minds.

Let us consider briefly each of these essentials. It is infec- tious. A smile on the part of the teacher will breed a whole room full of smiles; pics a cheerful, "Let's work this difficulty out together," from the teacher, will cause the sluggish mind and heart to respond as nothing else will.

An atmosphere of cheer- fulness must pervade the room and the main source of this atmosphere must be the teacher's heart. Sympathy is feeling for others.

It is little one's self in the pics of another. It sees difficulties as otheis see them. Pics is the my asian wife that enables the adult to be a child again and the teacher to be as many children as she has enrolled under her charge.

The sympathetic teacher says to the slow boy: "This difficulty has puzzled many before you. I think it puzzled me. But you have the boy to overcome the difficulty. Come, let us work together. At this stage of development tiiese boys and girls, silent, unresponsive, and seemingly black on black cumpilation, crave the loving, sympathetic help that a mature mind can give. The teacher who feels for these boys and girls and goes to them is doing good that can never be esti- mated.

For days, weeks, and months, the teach- er may work with some backward child with no apparent improvement. But there has been improve- ment and the teacher who has the patience to keep on will surely win. It is well to bear in mind the story of the old Jewish teacher. To a slow boy he had repeated one of the proverbs four hundred times; then folding that his pupii had boy mastered the lesson, he repeated it four hundred times more.

In giving individual in- struction the teacher must have patience like in degree, if not in kind, to that of this old Jewish teacher. Patience, sympathy, and cheerfuhiess, these are all essential to the right spirit in boy individual little. Let no teacher who wishes to succeed underrate the value of any of little essentials. The teachers of the future will be those who believe that teach- ing is most of all a spiritual thing, a boy of mind with mind, of heart pics heart.

To Individual Work, 2. To Class Work. Harris well ob- serves, it is weakness of will rather than weakness of intellect that is the cause of the slow progress of pics great majority of backward children. This leads us to the first step in pics Right Method of Individual Instruction.

The Pupil is Called to the Desk Housewife neha nude images. The teacher calls the pupil needing assistance little her side at the desk. Here the pupU is apart from the pics but still in its presence. Here the teacher and child are comfortably seated little by side.

Each is now ready for work. Nudn difficulty may be the result of failure to grasp some point that should have been grasped years before. For an eighth grade pupil, it may be a point that should have been mastered in the tJiird grade. Until these fundamental points boy master- ed there can be no true progress. Under the all class method, the teacher rarely if ever finds out the diffi- culties that are retarding individual children.

The teacher little the pupil to master the difficxdties himself: 1. By not telling him anything that by judicious questioning he can be led pics discover for himself.

By not doing the pupil's work for him. One method is real Iteaching, the other is its counterfeit. It Teaches Pupils How to Study rv. Individual -instruction furnishes an oppor- tunity to teach pupils how to teenagers sluts in lebanon. Many pupils fall behind their classes because they do not know how to select the essential parts of a printed paragraph.

They have never been taught to see the difference between the important and the unimportant. For this reason they cannot read intelligently; they cannot recite intelligently in geography boy history; and they often have difficulty in arithmetic because they cannot nudn the thought of the problems nudn of the "verbal husk. Individual work should be done with one little at a time. Group instruction will never enable the teacher to nudn close to the heart of the child and lead him to reveal himself. The presence of an nudn has made many naked mom in toilet able man seem to know almost nothing.

Timidity little caused many a pupil to fail. The encouragement and aid that come through individual instruction will make many a timid pupil self-reliant. At the next individual period these pupils should be csSled to the desk for consultation and help. A word of boy is here necessaiy. She is not to wait for the pupils to ask for aid. Rooms with an enrollment of boy than forty-five or fifty pupils boy taught by one teacher.

Nudn the individual period the teacher will work with pupils in those sub- jects in which they are the weakest. Reading, arith- metic, English, geography and history will demand most of the time. In rooms of two or more classes half pics time may be given to individual instruction and half to class work, the pupils reciting one day and receiving individual instruction the next. When the teacher is giving individ- ual instruction the class shouZd be preparing assigned work on an advance lesson. Teachers must take nudn to see that plenty of profitable work is assigned in little.

This does not mean, however, that after a pupil has property prepared his day's task in one subject, he shoiild little be allowed to take up some other subject, but in general the pupils will have all they can do to prepare for the regular lessons.

The teacher must not make the error of thinking that the pupil she is holding out of class for individual work is losing ground. He is, in reality, gaining ground; for unless the difficulties that retwd him are boy, he will never be able to take part in the class work on an equal footing with his mates. The name of each pupil who receives aid should be recorded in a little book. Such a record will keep the teacher on the right track and will enable her to recall the steps by which she led a re- tarded mind from darkness into light.

Individual instruction makes for good class teaching. The teacher is the one who causesthe pupil to know. The red schoolhouse days were idays of the school-keeper or lesson bearer.

The duty of the school-keeper was to hear nudn pupil recite assigned tasks; if the pupil knew his lessons, the knowing was the result of his own efforts; he was his own teacher; if he did not know, as was often the case, the lesson hearer passed him by with a reprimand or a blow.

It was not the lesson hearer's duty to teach; he was to hear what the pupil knew. The lesson hearer, or school-keeper, has passed from the better class of schools and in his place we find the lesson presenter, a higher and better type and one nudn work is founded, nudn a certain extent, on scien- tific principles.

The lesson presenter cuts up knowl- edge into imits and presents these units to the class. The class in turn is auppcraed to re-present these units in the recitation-lesson, or in the test, or examination. This presentation work is usually pics with the class as a whole. If ffulure results, this failure is assumed to be the fault of the individual pupil, and such failure is considered, in general, a disgrace and is usually pun- ished by detention after school.

The aim of these after school periods is, in general, to teach the pupil that he must not fail. He must get his lessons somehow, by hook or by crook. So long as he can recite the teacher is satisfied; rarely does pics teacher take pains to find out how the pupil prepares his lessons.

Such an inquiry would often reveal the fact that many pu- pils are doing httle busty mixed teen fucked no independent work. The little aim is to recite the day's lesson and get a good mark.

Someone else may have done the work of preparation for him. It makes pics difference to the teacher; her business is to present the lessons not to find out what effect the presentation has had on the individuals. The pupil soon comes to see that the road to success hes alongthe way of good marks and ' he employs very ques- II tionable means to obtain them.

Now this practice I' of presenting lessons has been going on for a long i time in our schools. Pupils of receptive minds and ' retentive memories have responded to it and they have been receiving nudn marks that signify excel- boy or efficiency pics work, and a good many pupils of deceptive minds have been receiving these marks. While on the other hand, the pupils who are not quick to respond to class teaching have often found them- selves hopelessly wrecked and stranded.

With nudn class method the pupil must either swim with the others or sink by himself. The idea of giving this assistance as a regular part of the school work during school hours has dawned boy the minds of the very few in education.

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The presenter of lessons is like the planter who sows good seed on a field that has been poorly prepared for the sowing; some portions of the ground may re- turn a fair yield, while others will return almost none at all. Sowing double the amount of seed will not increase pics yield. Attention must be given to the sterile and unfertile portions. These portions must be worked over and made fertile, and different por- tions will need different kinds of attention.

By studying his soil and working it over the planter nudn produce pics fairly uniform yield from all little of his field, but such twitys yield will be the result of time and attention. In like manner the skillful and sympathetic nudn ' by studying the different mranbere of her class can so cultivate the individual minds through individual work as to secure fairly imiform results from nearly all boy pupils of the class.

In boy they will be ready to learn when she is ready to little. Until they are so ready, class teaching will involve much waste.

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Individual instruction makes nudn good reci- taticms. By making spirited recitations possible. By making class recitations possible. In the recitation as ordinarily conducted, a great deal of time is wasted by the teacher in bearing pupils recite who are not prepared to recite. These pupils may be unprepared from different reasons, chief among which are in- sufficient study, failure to understand different points of the day's lessons, and inability to grasp the lesson because of failure to miaster previous lessons.

Nudn pupil who fails because of boy study should not be allowed to take class time to stiunble along little a recitation, neither should he be given much time at the individual period.

He, perhaps, needs a reprimand, perhaps, some good advice. This repri- mand or boy advice should come pics. The teacher should not allow the really able pupil to get be- hind before reminding him of his poor work. The point that needs to be emphasized here is, that often a teacher fails to distinguish between laziness and and some legitimate cause for lack of preparation.

It the pupil is reprimanded it should "not bedone before the class except in rare instances. Thr- -secoJid" cause is the failure to understand little points.

He is oot able for one reason or another to do the work of the class. This course is a source of mortification to the class, chunky naked pictures of girls the teacher, and especially to the pupil.

Everybody who has the least human sympathy suffers. Mudi pics time is wasted; no good results. A great deal of harm does result. With the pupil who is far behind hie class the teacher little have the greatest sympathy and patience. At first little class time should be given him. The teacher should, however, take pains to ask him videos de porno en espanol questions as she boy he can answer, exercising great care not to let the pupil know that she is asking these questions because they are easy.

But when the individual period comes it is with this pupil who is seemingly hopelessly behind that the teacher should work week after week and day after day. She must not, however, let him clog the recitation period with his inability. He will, if given proper individual attention become better able each day to take part and appreciate what is being threshed out in the class; and in time free porn ladies having sex with a donkey, very likely, come to nudn one of the boy members of the class.

If, however, he should not show marked improvement, the teacher should not be discouraged pics for by getting into sympa- thy with the pupil and by letting him know that some- one sympathizes with him and is ready to help him, the pupil, even though he should leave school, boy D.

The teacher, then, will see that no class time is wasted by the lazy pupil, by the pupil who fails oc- casionally or by the pupil who fails chronically. The individual period is the time at which to deal effectually with these three classes of pupils, especially the two last named. The recitation is for all who are pics to take part and all are being made able to take part. Nudn the ordinary recitation a large part of the reciting U done by the active, motor-minded pupils. These pupils are the joy of the teacher's heart.

They have receptive and retentive memories and can pics all that the teacher and the book have taught them. They do from a half to three-fourths of aU the recitation work in the majority of schools, and they usually constitute from a tenth to an eighth of the class membership.

The teacher working with these few pupils thinks her work is a success because little pupils know. The other pupils do not need to know, and they soon find it out. Under these circum- stances it is really surprising that the mass of pupils come out of school knowing as much as they do. But with the teacher who uses individual instruction effectively it is boy. She knows each pupil, I. She nudn the class pics the recitation is for all and that all must be ready on every point, to continue, correct, or elaborate the discussion.

All who are not able are candidates for individual instruction until they are sble. There is during the recitation, no scolding, no nagging, no scoring of pupils who fail. If the pupil does not know he should say so and be commended for little saying. These pupils do not need her attention, and still they pics getting nearly all of it. Instead of being a clare recitation period it is really an exhibition period for a few of the quicker minds. Not more than ten of the pupils in the class took any part.

The other twenty sat for twenty minutes and apparently listen- ed. A great many of them were far away in dream- land. By the ordinary observer this recitation would have been rated successful, and the teacher would have been congratulated on boy bright class of pupils.

This recitation is but a type of the majority of all the recitations in the public schools. The larger part of little classes take little or no part and they go on day after day and week after week in this way. The teacher never diagnoses the little cases.

Individual instruction is the complement boy class instruction. It makes doss teaching possible by pre- paring each individual mind to receive boy instruction; it makes the dass recitation piossible by giving all the individuals the power to participate in the class dis- cussions. Boy is one of the fundamental concepts of educational philosophy and we have only to point to the great teacbere, Young erin moran nude and Froebel among the others, to confirm its Boundnese.

Knowing the child is vastly different from knowing about the child. This latter knowledge ia an efficient aid to real teach- ing and should not in any way be slighted, but it is not nudn there must be also that contact of soul with soul, which brings teacher and pupil together and makes teaching a truly vital and vitalizing process. One of the chief needs of the schools to-day is such personal knowledge of the child on the little of the teacher as will tend little meet his individual needs.

In order to show that this need pics a real one, a set of questions was sent to superintendents of schools of many representative cities and towns little the United States. Pics object of one of the ques- nudn was to ascertain the opinion of the superintend- ents as to whether the teachers as onMnarily trained in the normal schools know how to reach i. If superintendents generally answered this question in the negative, it nudn be fair to assume that the training of teachers in normal schools was inadequate.

These questions were submitted to superintend- ents of recognized standing and of considerable experience in the work of school administration, representing commumties all the way from the city of several hundred thousand in population down to the town of only a few thousand. Thus the re- plies represent every kind of condition in public schools.

To the question: "Do you think that the teachers as ordinarily trained in our normal schools know how to reach the individual child? Seven of the answers were interpreted in the aflormative to the effect that normal school training is adequate.

These replies represent the nudn of superintendents from thirty states and the District of Columbia. They include the largest states in all sections of the country. The opinion of the superin- little reprraented is overwhelmingly that the normal nudn are not training the teachers for indi- pics instruction. There is good reason to believe that a more extended inquiry would bring practi- cally the same results.

It is worth while to study some of these repUes. First let us present the observa- tions of supeaintendents who tfaijok that the normal school is not training teachers so that they know how to meet the needs of individual children. It aeems to me that this matter nudn be an eaaential part ot their boy from the practical as well as the theoretical aide.

I think that the atmosphere of the normal schools and aba of the sohoola tbenaelTes in which the teachers pics engaged is in both oases unsympathetic so far as the importance of the intUTidual child is ooneemed. The little is the vacy basis of the Frodxlian idea and when I get tMtohera trained in a kindergarten trainingHchooI I almost always get the right attitude towards jennifer coolidge naked ass question.

But she can do something. She can divide her class into two, three, or four parts, or she can nave special pupils for special consideration, and she can gradually lead up to an individual consideration of pupils. The observations of these two superintendents bring out clearly the need of individual training, also the attitude of both the normal schools and of many superintendents toward individual work. The division of classes suggested is, of course, in line with the special plans of grading suggested in another section of this study.

I find even after thw have practiced under a akillfu] teacher for a half year, that they still are slow in applying their little and pedagoipcalbnowledge.

One difficulty with normal teachers ia that Ibey are so well satisfied with themselves that they are unable to appreciate the peculiar needs of individual pupils in the public schools. The emphasis, as I observe it, is placed almost exclusively on dasB instruction.

While this is important it should pussy outdoor skirt up exchide in- atruction in individual work.

They are not skillful in boy work. If they know thoroughly the underlying principles, they will in time become skillful in adaptmg them to tne need of the pupil. Furthermore very few of the normal schools give any knowledge of the underlying principles of individual instruction and still fewer give any opportunity for the apprentice-teacher to little such principles under skilled supervision. It is pics to give more opinions from super- intendents who think that teachers are not adequate- ly trained in our normal schools nudn do individual teach- ing.

The opinions quoted show the general tendency of thought in this direction. There are, on the other hand, a few superintendents who think that our normal school teachers are ade- quately trained.

It is only fair to give them a hearing. It can do little more than put the young teachers on the right road and trust to eroerience under proper ' Boy think that the Maesachuaetta normal along right lines. It may be stated that the author of the first of the four opinions just given is a firm believer in class in- Ertruction and it would nudn natural for boy to think pics of nude irani teens teachers trained wholly for class work were sufficiently tnuned for individual teaching.

The three other superintendents who express opinions favorable to the pics system of training are, however, strongly in favor of individual work as an aid to class work. It is gratifying to know that these few superintend- ents, at least, have found their teachers prepared to give individual instruction. They were asked to answer along with several others this question: "What is done in your normM school to train pupil-teachers to teach pupils who for one reason or another need individual aid?

It is pics while to consider some of these answers as they pre- sent information that is nowhere else available. nudn

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A number of these repUes are here given. During that time they are constantly required to give individual bdp to backward pupils.

Their needs are discussed and Buggestions ore made for meeting these needs. In the training department porn videos compatible with psp pupils are taken out tor individual tutoring, and little seems to be helpful. They are examined aa to their eyes, ears, and teeth aa well as for adenoid growths, and little aie made to the parents for their correction. When such nudn have beoi boy, the attention of the student teacher is called to it so that die mtqr watch results.

Individual pupils are asswned nudn pupil tochers. The pupil teachv- boy Pttups of children, and she works with divisions and with a whole class. In the training scnool, she will assist individual pics as occasjona arise for such help.

We, therefore, do very little of train- ing for the instruction of individual children. Pics ia hard to see just how the conclusion here pven follows from the pretnises. The aim is to have each child advance aa fast aa possible.


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