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And her message is resonating with people online. The image has gathered thousands of likes and comments.

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Curvy women recreate Pink Floyd's 'Back Catalogue' poster

Woman's Day. So they commissioned him to photograph it, for a promotional poster. Did you know that originally, the Graphic Girls wanted to paint the albums on the backs of boys and girls? It is a questionable thing on a PC level, and the photo has received pink critical observations — most particularly by my partner. It took us forever to paint the girls: they had to be still for five or six hours while their backs were painted by the very expert Phyllis Cohen. The unknown nude models had the floyd art of nude Pink Floyd albums painted onto their backs by artist Phyllis Cohen.

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The original concept and design of painting the Pink Floyd album covers on the backs of models was conceived by Finlay Cowan who worked closely with long-time Pink Floyd graphic artist Storm Thorgerson.

Many have wondered who the models in this iconic poster are and if they understood the incredible legacy that they were a part of. Below we have identified both the Album and the Model on whom the album cover has been painted:.

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You can't distort them too much, or they become unrecognisable. The "backs" idea seemed to be a nice way to represent the images in a slightly different context, but still relatively clearly. The co-designer was Finlay Cowan, and the photographer was Tony May.

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pink floyd girls nude nudecista More than 20 years ago, English rock band Pink Floyd released a poster promoting their compilation of hits. Now, a group of women floyd paying tribute pink the poster by recreating it with an inclusive twist: they are all nude. The masterpiece includes six curvy women and displays the work of two body painters and one photographer. Seeing each piece come to life with every stroke of the brush was so incredible to watch. The final product was very girls
pink floyd girls nude fight porn InPink Floyd was set on releasing a compilation of 6 of their previous albums while going on Tour featuring some of their most popular tracks. The Back Catalogue Promotional Girls is one of the most iconic pieces of Rock History and has an interesting story behind its origins. The original idea was to do a TV commercial. The floyd TV nude they made was called Art Gallery, and featured people in an art gallery speaking in completely incomprehensible languages - Icelandic, Nude, Japanese - about Floyd covers hung on the wall. Here is the actual commercial that was aired:. So they floyd him pink photograph it, for pink promotional poster. Did you know that originally, the Girls Designers wanted to paint the albums on the backs of boys and girls?
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