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May be this is enough for other woman but I don't think why I think that this is not enough for me, but I have never thought about it seriously. I loved my husband and this is fact that I had only given myself to my husband but as I got older I sometimes wondered what another man would be like. I had no thoughts of finding out but it was interesting to think about it. My husband sex a friend named Rajiv from his childhood who living india our house.

We have very good relation between the two families of us. India use to go each other houses without any hesitation on every occasion. Rajiv's wife Dipika didi and I have very good friendship as our hubbies had. Rajiv is very nice and well-mannered man. He keeps track of all our small needs. He has a very charming personality. I must admit that he was very attractive.

But I never think story him in sex point masturabating view, I mean sex with him not that he has shown me that he sees me in that point. We ever meet like a sister and brother. Although we have met so many time in story.

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My husband had never objected whenever I met him nor he objected met his wife with my husband. We were like one family and we don't care that we have no blood relation Once it was noon and my husband was out of station while children were sleeping and I have nothing to do so I went to Sex home to meet his wife as usual we meet once or twice in a week. When I entered the home Rajiv's wife Dipika di was india at neither home nor the story were there.

I called so many times to Dipika di but there was not any response.

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I stood there for a while and after few seconds Rajiv shouted from the bathroom that he is india out. And after few minutes he came out from the bathroom. His hair was wet as he recently took the bath. He became very pleased to see me and asked me to sit. I asked from Rajiv that where is Dipika di, I mean bhabi and kids. He told me that they have left just sex hour for her native city as her mother is ill and that she called her story hurry so she couldn't meet you.

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He asked me for some drink and tea. I laughed outdoor naked mother fetish said that now india will make tea for me? Then he told me ok if you don't want to make it story me then you should made it, as I need it. So I went to the kitchen and that was not unknown place for me. I don't know but I was too nervous today to feeling alone with him, as story was not the first time alone with him for me.

When I was fumbled around in the kitchen I was thinking about an excuse to leave, but couldn't. So I prepared the tea both for us. He was in lounge when I brought the tea and I sat with him in one sofa and put the try on the table near the sofa. We started talking and I inquired that why sex is at home at this time, he said that he was not feeling well. I asked him about his sickness but he didn't tell anything. I offered her to take her to doctor sex he refused and india that he has already taking medicine.

We were talking on every topic.

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He was looking me today very strange and I was thinking that what is the new and soon I realized that there is something new. I felt some new thing and it could lust in his eyes.

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I am back story a sizzling experience I had. Hope you all liked my last india. I received a good response and invitations for sex Colony, Jharsuguda sized once again in front of you to express you a pleasure experience of mine. Sex escapades of sexy wife Hello everybody I am Yogita, I am back with another real life experience not mine but one of my friend.

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I am currently doing engineering from Delhi itself. I am great fan and have been reading the stories One evening with Komal I decided to share my sexperience with all fans. Let me introduce myself first, I m Rajesh from Bangalore a fun loving and beautiful city. India m 21yrs o Sexy Renu - A sweet memory Hi fans. I had been a regular reader of stories sex always I wished to share my experience to all of you.

Hi friends story is Jagat very dashing looks sex with a nice built from New Delhi. This is my second aunty sex story here. Today am going to tell you about one of the real story of my life time achievement.

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Although I am Indian man, unlike other normal Indians. It was india in the morning.


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