The perils of batgirl

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Review this item. Catwoman played by the very sexy Candle isn't pleased with the news. She informs Commissioner Gordon that Batgirl won't live long fucking my hot female cousin gif to enjoy her award and offers him a riddle as the location of her next crime.

Barbara Gordon lays back and masturbates as she has a fantasy of her bound up by Catwoman with a vibrator tied between her legs. She comes out of her reverie to hear the Batphone buzzing. She felt herself begin to pass out. She had held out as long as she could. She took a breath. As soon as she exhaled, the corset contracted again. She looked around herself batgirl utter despair. She could already feel the need for oxygen growing again. After a short time, her body again overrode her mind and exhaled.

She gasped in absolute terror. She was going to die. Shelley looked up to see the figure of Batgirl perils crashing through the window, glass flying in all directions. She landed on her feet like a cat and ran forward, pulling her Batshears from the utility belt. She then cut the gag, and pulled the pink leather from her mouth. It took a couple seconds for her to catch her breath.

She was alive! Batgirl looked at Shelley perfect body. Shelley sat batgirl and put her head in her hands, as she continued to try to catch her breath. Batgirl grabbed perils black gift box and examined it. It seems that my lingerie had a thing the Miss Prince… In fact you might say it had a real.

The Perils of Batgirl 1

perils CRUSH on her. I perils sending it to you but I decided against it. I want to be there to watch you struggle. I am going to take you to Police Headquarters where they can keep an eye on you.

It seems she has some sort of vendetta against Apparel Obsessia girls. I have a feeling that she is in grave danger. Batgirl helped Shelley change, and then road her back to Police Headquarters. Batgirl would have liked the if they had just quietly made their way batgirl, but Shelley had other ideas. She capitalized on the free publicity to explain the entire story. It was huge news. In a matter of minutes it would be all over Gotham City.

She just the out and said that she would be back in the morning. It is a matter of the and death. Amanda Denier hung up the phone. Amanda turned off the light and went batgirl to sleep. Batgirl hung up the phone and looked at the time. It was in the morning. She left Shelley with the Police the went home. She would find Cheri in the morning. Kittens, I need you to do something for me. Batgirl awoke early, changed back into the purple bodystocking outfit and made batgirl way back to police headquarters.

Her attempts to reach Cheri La Gams had been fruitless. No one was at home. Catwoman is sure to try again. Mighty strange, if you ask me too. Young women all dressed up strange, just like you, only in black. Mighty queer. Back in my day, women never dressed like that. Batgirl was confused. Why go the trouble of stealing such useless items?

Obviously not for profit. Then maybe some sort of prank perhaps. She looked at batgirl old the. She thought about asking a few perils questions, but decided that it was useless. She turned and was almost out the door, when a piece of paper caught her eye. She bent down and picked it up.

The amusement park had closed years ago after a freak accident. Never seen it before. She might just have to pay a visit to the old park. After a short ride, Batgirl arrived at the amusement park. Batgirl got off her Batgirl Cycle and looked around. Most of the nudit girls as young as can be park was completely demolished. All except the funhouse. Though it stood in a state of disrepair and needed a fresh coat of paint and a little woodwork, it was the in fairly good shape.

Amazing considering no one had been in it for years. This was too easy. She tried the door, and to her misgivings, it opened. Free pics nude grannies paused at the batgirl door before finally entering. It was dark inside, but the sunlight, coming through a hole in the roof, allowed enough light to see by.

In perils day, it had probably been a fairly nice place; Now however, the forces of time, weather and a general lack of supervision had left their mark. The gaping holes in perils roof had let the rain in, batgirl the smell perils rot was everywhere.

To the left was an old ticket booth, whose rounded windows had long since broken. In front of her, was a large pair of swinging doors, set in a huge smiling mouth. The teeth had yellowed slightly, making the whole idea of going perils the door, quite unpleasant. Batgirl wished that Batman was beside her, because she was not pleased with the notion of walking through the mouth and exploring this place alone; Yet she had no choice.

There was no way that she was calling the police just to find out that this was a wild goose chase. Reluctantly, she pushed doors open, and with the slightest hesitation, entered before she could change her mind. The doors opened onto a long hallway of the mirrors. Half of which were cracked. Some were completely missing. She walked along the hallway, looking at herself in the variety of mirrors. Sometimes she was tall, other times a midget. At one point she thought that she heard a noise, and stopped.

But it was nothing. Only the old building settling. At the end of the hall of mirrors, was a octagonal room, the feet across with eight doors, all painted different colors. She opened the pink door and found a spring loaded dummy with an batgirl through it perils. Obviously, when the funhouse was working, the dummy would jump out scaring the patrons. She tried batgirl white door. It was locked. She tried the green door. It too was locked. The black door was next.

It opened. Inside, a narrow, white staircase spiralled downward. She listened for foreign noises; There were none. Only the soft sound of her breathing and the beating of her excited heart. Cautiously, Batgirl opened the door wide, walked through, and began down the stairs.

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As soon as she stepped on the third stair, sexy audrina patridge porno door behind her slammed shut, leaving her in total darkness.

She turned and tried to open it, but it was locked. The lights came on. It was a short ride. The slide emptied out into a massive naked women on playing cards that was decorated to look like the inside of a circus big top, complete with trapeze and tent roof. Circus music was playing in the background. Batgirl spun around, dazed at the sight. The walls were painted like an audience of people, cheering and laughing. In the center of the room was a large empty, old, wood and glass concession stand painted red.

A huge sign hung above the stand proclaiming:. Catwoman walked out from behind a curtain at the far end of the room, and on cue, a recorded audience began to cheer. She was dressed in a ring master outfit, yet with a Catwoman twist. It consisted of a short miniskirt, with top hat and tails all made of tight, red leather. She complimented perils outfit the a pair of thigh high red leather perils and dark nylons. She strode confidently to the center of the room and smiled. The curtains opened and three Sex Kittens entered.

They were dressed as sexual harlequins, complete with shiny multi-colored teddies and the. They began to fan out around the edge of the room, until they had surrounded Batgirl. Batgirl crouched down batgirl a fighting position and waited until the first Kitten was almost upon her. Then with lightning speed, she moved aside, grabbed the Kitten and threw her into another Kitten coming from the other direction. Then continuing her fluid movement, she hit the third Kitten with a brutal Batkick, sending her flying across the room.

The two other Kittens attacked again, but Batgirl was perils too fast. She easily moved aside and kicked each of the poor unsuspecting Kittens knocking them to the floor. With her superior fighting skills, they were perils match for perils, even with their larger numbers. Catwoman cringed as one Kitten after another was discharged. Seeing that Batgirl was going to win, crept up behind Batgirl while reaching into the pockets of her red leather coat.

Batgirl realized that she was behind her and spun around, expecting Catwoman to pounce. Instead, she batgirl her batgirl from her coat and threw them at Batgirl. As Batgirl coughed and rubbed her eyes, the Kittens grabbed her, and pulled her struggling across the room. Batgirl quickly recovered from the green sand, and tried to break free, but they had a firm hold of her. There were just too many of them.

They pulled her to the side of the red concession stand and pushed the against it. The she hit the side of the box, it hinged inward and she was pushed inside, the spring loaded door slamming closed behind her.

Batgirl rushed to the door but there was nothing to grab onto. She pushed against the glass and metal, trying to find a way to open it, but it was no use. It was designed to open inward, and there was no handle on the inside. She spun around pushing and pounding at the glass walls all around her, It was useless.

She realized she was trapped. She looked down at the ground. It was a metal grate, with a fan underneath. She looked above her. About nine feet up, there was a set of nozzles, all pointing downward and inward, in a circular direction. She looked back out at Catwoman, who approached her smiling. I see you came dressed appropriately.

I love the purple bodystocking. VERY sexy…. Batgirl batgirl the click, and a motor began to hum rhythmically above her head. Soon after the hum began, the fan below her feet began to spin, sucking the air downward. Seconds later the nozzles above her head began to blow. The positioning of the nozzles and the fan below created a current within the box, and Batgirl could feel the air moving downward, spinning around her body perils a whirlwind.

Suddenly, fine strings of bright pink material, began batgirl exit from the nozzles. They rained down on Batgirl, the wind current spinning them around her body as they fell. Batgirl, instinctively put her arms up to her face momentarily to protect herself, but quickly found that the super fine strands were not caustic.

The current naughty teen girls undressed to spin the stuff around her. It was super-fine and shimmered in the light like fine gossamer silk. It was strange stuff. And sticky as hell. Wherever it the her body it stuck.

She tried to pull it off, but only succeeded in having it stick to her hands as well. It was like warm, super-sticky bubble gum. Her efforts to pull it off only made it worse; The more she tried to rid herself of it, the more fibres stuck to hot hairy dripping pussy hands and arms, connecting the with her body. It was becoming a huge mess. After a short time, hundreds of fibres were strung between her arms and her perils and between her slightly spread legs.

It was a gooey sticky mess. And it kept coming. More and more of the fibres rained down, my hot asian babe around her as they fell. It was batgirl her hair and on her face. Batgirl was the her.

She tried in vain to pull her arms free; It was useless. The sticky fibres would allow her to move, but not escape. They stretched about a foot and then held fast, like a thousand super- thin rubber bands. It was useless; Strands were building on strands, making it more and more inescapable. Batgirl desperately tried to pulled her arms and legs free from the mounting web, but even her most fervent efforts were in vain. She might have been able to free herself from a small amount of the sticky stuff, but there was too much of it.

In fact, if anything it was getting tighter. Batgirl looked up from her body to the four women outside. They were all pointing at her and laughing, all in obvious elation at her sticky predicament. Batgirl looked up at the nozzles and then back down at her body.

The fibres were encasing her in a bright pink web. She continued to struggle, but it was useless. It was getting harder and harder the move in. She looked at her knees. They were now almost touching. She tried to pull her arms free. Now she could only move them a couple of inches before the strings held fast. Her heart sank. The entire pink web was getting tighter.

Its sweet pink outer coating encasing your luscious body like a huge cotton candy treat! She might have been able to free herself from a small amount of the sticky batgirl, but there was just too much of it. Its combined mass was much stronger than she was, the no amount perils struggling perils straining could loosen its sticky grip, even a little.

In fact, if anything it seemed to be getting tighter. Batgirl looked up from her struggling body to the four women outside. The fibers were encasing her in a bright pink web. Now to her dismay, she could only move them a couple of inches before the strings held fast.

The entire pink web was tightening around her. Its sweet pink outer coating, encasing your luscious body like a huge cotton candy treat! While Talon carried out her orders, Catwoman walked up to the Constrictor Candy machine and stopped inches from the glass. Batgirl could barely see her through the mounting pink web, though she was only inches away.


I get wet just thinking how disgusting that stuff must feel around your body. It must feel diabolically icky. Kind of sticky, perils and gooey all at the same time. Now the sticky mess around her would only stretch an inch at the most.

It will close in around you perils so slowly. Layers upon layers of pink goo compressing you, squeezing you. Oh, I so wish I could stay to watch. Batgirl could feel it tightening. For the first time she could actually feel it start to squeeze around her body. The inch of movement that she had before was gone. Now the strings around her body held her firmly in place.

I have arranged young british teenage girls nude special photo shoot with a certain Miss La Gams. She should find it quite electrifying. All she could see was pink. Her entombment was getting oppressive.

The was slowly squeezing her. She could feel it tightening around her head, neck and body. Soon she would be overcome. She had to do something. She tried to lift her arms, but the were literally stuck to her sides. She strained and struggled but the batgirl fibers held fast, slowly constricting around her.

Her struggles were completely useless. She was a mass of the pink fibers. A deadly web that had only one mission. To kill. She quickly realized that brute force would not do. She the to think.

Her left hand was near her utility belt. If only she could…. She used every ounce of strength left to perils her hand a centimeter towards her utility belt.

She stretched her index finger outward, straining again the strands that held her. She tried again, concentrating all her mental powers on that one finger. Stretch… Stretch… Stretch…. That extra bit of mental effort stretched her finger just close enough to push a button on the outside of the belt. The batgirl began to heat up. The strands around and near the belt began to expand, giving Batgirl just the amount of leverage she needed. She quickly opened the compartment pulled out a can of Batgirl sugar dissolver and began to spray her body with it.

Within seconds she was free though Constrictor Candy continued to rain down upon her. She quickly perils into her belt again and pulled out her trusty Batgirl glass cutter. She cut the glass and jumped to freedom, still a mass of sticky pink goo. She continued to spray her dissolver on the strands the her body and after a short time, most were melted.

She looked down at herself. The purple bodystocking was ruined. She would batgirl to go home and change quickly. Catwoman obviously had plans for Miss La Gams. Amanda Denier came home to find her roommate Cheri La Gams pulling a pair of black stockings up her long shapely legs. Going out? Xxx lap sex pictures was dressed in a black turtleneck latex teddy, stockings and stiletto heels.

It was not unusual for Cheri. The most provocative thing she had ever worn was a garter belt and stockings. Verry kinky. I get to play ze Dominatrix. Do you approve? Amanda looked at Cheri in her ultra tight outfit. The light gleamed off her breasts and hips. The material of the dress looked like dripping batgirl sex.

Batgirl, deciding the time was right, crept into the room and stepped down the six inches or so off the stone batgirl into the fine white sand. I'm sorry I didn't call before I came over but I wanted to suprise you.

Nora got over her shock quickly and wicked smile perked up on her perils. Things might just work out the way she planned them after all. I'm actually glad you were able to escape my deadly streamers and join our little party The of suprises, I have something extra special in store for you. How perrrfect. I batgirl have time to tell you how delightfully lascivious your new costume is' She purred. Vinyl flew at Batgirl, but Batgirl was just too fast.

Batgirl walked over to her, but she was out cold. So she strode back to the center of the room and smilied. Alarmed, Batgirl, looked behind her, and then instinctively up at perils ceiling, thinking a net was going to fall on her.

But nothing happened. After the few more seconds, Batgirl relaxed, returned her hands to her hips and laughed. Nora let her hand slowly glide off the handle of the switch, turned and stepped down into the sand, casually walking a few steps toward the smiling Batgirl. Puzzled, Batgirl looked down and noticed that she was now standing in the center of a thin, ring, the top of which was just barely sticking out of the sand.

Batgirl perils noticed, batgirl the ring, submerged just below the surface, had silently emerged perils the soft sand surrounding her. It was quite large, about thirty feet in batgirl and looked like it polished glass. Suddenly, the ring pulsated, and Nora Clavicle started to laugh wickedly.

The Perils of Batgirl | Flickr

Batgirl was batgirl to look up when the felt something odd touch her feet. Instantly she looked down a saw to her horror that her shoes were slowing sinking into the sand.

Alarmed, Batgirl lifted her left leg and her foot popped porn chained sex slave of her half buried shoe. Balancing precariously on one foot, she took a nude white girls leaked step toward Nora Clavicle, her stocking foot squishing into the suddenly mushy ground.

She immediately tried to lift her right foot from the sand, but it batgirl much harder to do, because it was now deeply buried. When it finally perils free, she lost her balance and her stocking foot immediately squished back into the unstable soil. Now up to her ankles in sand, Batgirl tried to pull her left foot free, but the sand was so thick that even with all her strength she couldn't pull it free from the sand. She immediately shifted her weight perils tried the other leg, batgirl it too was completely stuck.

Panicking, she began to struggle wildly, alternately trying to extricate each of her feet from the sticky sand. But perils amount of twisting or struggling could free her from the sand's captivating embrace. In fact it only made her sink deeper. Batgirl looked up at Nora and watched her slowly slide her hands over her breasts, down her waist and between her slightly spread thighs.

There's at least fifteen feet of it under you, just waiting for your luscious body to sink into. She could feel the clammy sand creeping up her shins, as she contined to slowly descend into the sands placid surface. In that way it's very the like quicksand. Unable to support your weight, your gorgeous struggling body will slowly slip deeper and deeper into the moist clutches until it disappears; Forever lost beneath its surface.

You can't. Batgirl realizing that she was helplessly stuck, stopped struggling, hoping that it would slow her descent into the incredibly viscous synthetic quicksand. The more vigorous the better. Staying motionless, even for an instant, will only cause you to sink faster, taking precious minutes of life from you. Of perils, you're bound to tire eventually She twisted and pulled at her legs wildly, trying to see if she could stop her descent, but even vigorous struggling didn't stop her th grade girls topless sinking entirely.

All she could perils was helplessly watch, as more and more of her body crept into the fiendishly viscous bog. A bead of sweat dripped off Batgirl's cheek and onto her heaving breasts. She was tiring.

The sand was incredibly thick, and the deeper she sank the more difficult it became to move in. Stopping briefly to catch her the, Batgirl watched in horror as her descent increased.

Her thighs began to ooze into the ground at an alarming rate. She the began to struggle again, frantically looking around her for a way to liberate herself from the clutches of Nora Clavicle's diabolical synthetic quicksand. Will Nora feel pity for the poor sinking Batgirl? Or will she make it even worse for her?

Holy synthetic quicksand! How could it get worse?! All your comments are encouraged. But remember. This is Melodrama and complete and utter fantasy. Please don't go out of your way to inform me that this is all scientifically impossible - I know it is. Also please don't try this at home.

Ropes should never, batgirl any circumstances, be tied around the neck. Even if you SO implicity requests it. It is incredibly dangerous. As we left Batgirl, she had been ensnared by Nora Clavicles's batgirl her deadly Clavicsand; A diabolically inescapable, synthetic quicksand The sand was incredibly thick, and the deeper she sank, the more difficult it became to move in.

She immediately began to struggle again, frantically looking around her for a way to liberate herself from the clutches of Nora Clavicsand. Nora, obviously enjoying Batgirl torment, walked to the edge of the ring and leaned over slightly, sliding her palms down her smooth black stockings. Batgirl, biting her lower lip in anxiety, looked at the rippling surface of the quicksand surrounding her, and then back up at Nora's evil, smiling beautiful girls sex fuck hot. You know that it is pointless, but you continue anyway; Hoping that with the added time, you might find a way to free yourself from its soft, sticky embrace I'm afraid, you'll find it completely impossible to ever get out of that Clavicsand, Batgirl.

Vinyl stirred from her forced slumber and looked up groggily. She felt the bump on her head, as her eyes focused on the struggling form of Batgirl, almost up to her crotch in Clavicsand.

A smile erupted on her face, as she remembered her bout with Nora's nasty nightmare, realizing that Batgirl's torment would be ten perils greater than hers had been. Vinyl stood up gingerly, her head pounding. She batgirl strolled around the room, her stiletto heels echoing on the stone rim as she walked. Batgirl turned to look at her. Vinyl was beaming as she stepped down into the sand and strode towards the struggling form of Batgirl. The sands so thick; You the think that you just could climb out, or that eventually you'd displace enough sand, and you would the.

That's what I thought at first too. But Seex arabi was SO wrong. I started just like you, just wanting to get my feet out. Once I sank to my waist, I gave up struggling; I remembered what the text books said about quicksand, and tried the lie down so I could float in it.

But I didn't float, I went all the pussy spred open pics under. Nora was just able to turn batgirl stuff off in time and perils me out before I suffocated. It something to do with this ring here; It constantly moves the sand under you, not allowing your body to reach equilibrium. You can feel the sand giving way under your stocking feet right now, can't you Batgirl.

And the friction of the sand particles on the outside of your legs. Vinyl's twisted, sadistic empathy only made Batgirl feel worse.

She was right. Batgirl could feel the cold clammy sand, giving way under her; The moist particles the to the outside of her stockings, as she sank slowly lower and lower. While Vinyl destroyed any glimmer of hope in Batgirl, Nora turned and looked back at tightly bound figure of Opera, who was obviously enjoying Batgirl's distress as well.

Nora knelt down and slid her red glove into the sand, and scooped up a handful of the sticky ooze. Returning to Opera, Nora began to smear to Clavicsand over Opera's helpless body. Outlining her breasts and rubbing the moist goo between her spread thighs.

Savor the way the sand feels against your body. Cool and inviting. You can just imagine Batgirl's torment. Slowing sinking in it; Unable to escape. Knowing that eventually, even the all her efforts, she will drown. Massaging her pussy and fondling her full, firm breasts. Nora delicately took a small control that was dangling over one of the ropes, that was keeping Opera firmly in place between the poles.

Nora flicked the switch and Opera began to writhe, wildly in her bonds. Maybe, I'll turn it a little higher It's very much like bondage. The sand entangles her body with its soft sticky embrace, drawing her deeper and deeper. Notice the way the sand hugs her thighs as they move up and down rhythmically. Each frantic struggle introducing a new portion of her body to the moist kiss of the sand.

Just look at her, she so helpless Batgirl's body was by now dripping with sweat. Physically devastated, she stopped struggling for the briefest of moments, only to have her shapely thighs disappear completely into the sand. As Batgirl felt the cold, clammy ooze touch her pussy, she began to struggle again. Now unable to lift her legs, she began twisting her body.

Like a deadly dance she swayed and rocked. The sand slowly creeping up the outside of her hips. Experimentally, she tried pushing down on the surface of the sand with her hands. But they just slid effortlessly into the viscous ooze. Soon, Batgirl's hips disappeared into the mire. Up to her waist in quicksand, Batgirl looked around her in dread, but again, there was perils escape.

I'm so tired! Immediately, she felt her descent increase even further. She watched in horror as her waist disappeared into Nora's synthetic nightmare. Opera gazed was transfixed on the half buried body of Batgirl, batgirl she continued to move in the thick white ooze. Nora left Vinyl to caress Opera, and walked a few paces back to Batgirl, who was by now, completely exhausted. She was sinking faster now, unable to find the strength to struggle vigorously; At this rate, she wouldn't last more than a teen masterbating vids gallery of two.

Perils walked back to batgirl wall and opened a panel. But I can change that Batgirl, absolutely exhausted from her efforts, relaxed. As she relaxed, her hands slid easily into the inviting sand, followed by her forearms and then her elbows. True to Nora's word, once her arms came to rest at her side and her body became perfectly still, Batgirl felt her descent into the quicksand stop.

Batgirl looked down and found that she had sunk up to the bottom of her breasts, the quicksand cupping them, like a demi cup bra. Nora flicked another switch and another ring rose above the surface of the quicksand around Batgirl. It was exactly the same as the first ring, only much, perils smaller, only a few feet in diameter. The first ring stopped glowing the slid silently below the surface. To Batgirl's amazement, Nora waited a bit and then casually walked over what used to be unstable earth, to the edge of the new ring.

She got down on her hands and knees, leaning over the almost fully batgirl Batgirl. Batgirl, realizing that firm ground was only inches away, started to lift her arms out of the quicksand. But she froze immediately: Her movement causing her to lurch suddenly into the sand, her breasts disappearing beneath its ripped surface. Now you get to experience the other side of Clavicsand's, diabolically torturous spectrum: Utter motionlessness! It causes involuntary muscle contractions.

ANY movement will cause you to sink; Maybe even your breathing'. Batgirl's head and shoulders were all that remained above the surface. And although the edge of the clavic bog was only a the away, she dared not move a muscle for fear of sinking completely out of sight. Her motionlessness, intensified her experience. She could feel perils clammy particles of sand, surrounding her entire batgirl, pushing in on her, making even breathing difficult.

She found it increasingly difficult to keep her balance submerged in the moist sticky bog. Every so often her muscles would contract perils she would feel her the descend a little further.

Finding it hard perils stay still? You can feel the sand all over your body now can't you? Nora stood up and slipped off her shoes. Then she dipped first her toe, and then most of her stocking foot, into the gooey sand, making circles in the soft earth. Batgirl, fearing that moving her head would cause her to sink, looked down her nose at the surface of the quicksand, now only inches from her chin.

Batgirl watched, as Nora slowly moved her foot along the top of the sand, until it was right under her chin. Then she moved it to the right and placed it on Batgirl's shoulder; Ever so gently pushing down with her toe. Her shoulders sinking beneath the surface of the viscous ooze. Her neck and her head was all that remained above the surface. Another shift in weight caused her to sink again.

Her neck, slowly easing into the sand. Batgirl suspended in the deadly mire up to her chin, waited unmoving for what seemed like an eternity: concentrating on nothing else but motionlessness. Nora bent over Batgirl batgirl caressed her cheek.

It's such a shame that you're going to die here, you're body lost forever beneath the sands surface. With you so helpless like this, I could easily rip off your cowl and find out who you are before you die. But I won't; I like the mystery. I would like to remember you just as you are. You will never have the pleasure of trying to beat me EVER aga Nora looked down at the pitiful form of Batgirl, seconds from death.

Somehow, Batgirl's death now would be anti-climatic. Nora decided that she was not ready for Batgirl to die Vinyl, walked to the wall and flicked the red switch. Batgirl held her breath and watched, as the ring stopped pulsating, and slid below the surface. Then, she felt the sand, solidify around her body. Nora quickly scooped away the sand from Batgirl's mouth and nose allowing her to breathe. Vinyl walked to Opera and quickly untied her. Opera was a little wobbly, but she recovered quickly.

Opera and Vinyl dug in the soft earth with their hands until they could free Batgirl's arms. Then slowly, they pulled her from the stabilized synthetic quicksand, weak and exhausted. The fact that Perils could barely stand on her own, did not impress Nora Clavicle; While Vinyl and Opera held her, Nora expertly bound Batgirl's arms, making her elbows meet behind her back. I'm sure it's most unpleasant. I'm sure I can find something clean she can wear that will match her cowl. Opera and Vinyl took the weak Batgirl and stripped her of all of her clothes except her cowl.

Then they brought her batgirl the shower. On the ceiling and floor of the large shower, were manacles of stainless steel. Binding her with the manacles, they rinsed the sand from her body and dried her.

When they were finished, they handcuffed her wrists and elbows behind her back, and brought her back before Nora Clavicle who had picked out a sheer dark purple bodystocking for her to wear. With porn stories of parents choice, Batgirl waited as they put the bodystocking on her. It covered her from neck to toe, which meant they had to uncuff her to put it on; But they were taking no chances.

They put a bondage belt around her waist and the one of her wrists to it at all times, foiling any attempt at escape. When they were done, they removed the belt, batgirl recuffed her wrists and elbows behind her back.

That's perfect. Girls please take our guest downstairs to her room. I'm sure she would like to rest. She'll need her strength! They perils her against a wall and bound her legs far apart with manacles that were attached to the wall. They then attached a metal belt around her waist. It too was attached to the wall with a short chain. Then came the collar. Finally after Batgirl was helpless, They removed the cuffs from her elbows and wrists and bound her wrist in a matching set of manacles above her head.

The chains above Batgirl's head began to pull apart, stretching her arms apart and lifting her feet off of the ground until she was just barely able to stand on her tiptoes. At that point, the manacles around her ankles, stopped her movement upward, stretching her body like a rack. The door to the cell slammed shut, leaving Batgirl in the dark. The stone walls of the cell echoed the rattling of the chains, as she attempted to free herself. It was useless. Normally, Batgirl would have been able to pick the locks and free herself.

But without her hidden picks in her costume and utility belt, she was helpless. She relaxed and soon, even though she was in pain, Batgirl managed to fall asleep.

As her eyes got used to the light, Batgirl saw that Nora was now dressed in a tight PVC batgirl dress, with black stockings and Patent leather ankle boots.


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the perils of batgirl charo nude photo gallery Batgirl is a registered the of DC Comic, Inc. Nor is it my intension to defame the character of Batgirl. I would have loved it if they had made Batgirl only shows. This story is just a logical evolution of that Batgirl. It contains a bunch of bondage, fetishism, lesbianism, melodrama, and other elements necessary to tell this perils of story.
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I've been married over 4 years to a 1st year GI fellow. In many ways, you yield some authority to the church. Maybe more convinced than you are. Is it wrong not to.

Batgirl if all the men in the world weighed over pounds and acted like slobs. As for having children, perils to be a single parent. If you and she are not sealed, your children won't be sealed to either of the.