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They asked the woman to apologise for her remarks.

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However, the woman not only refused to apologise, but stood by her remarks. Hello guys. These ladies want to wear short to short dresses to encourage all to see them. In the video, the group of women asked the middle-aged woman to apologise repeatedly, but she refused. As the group of friends follow the women around the store with their cameras, another woman joined the chorus and took on the middle-aged woman.

After about eight minutes of being followed, the woman spoke up. Theek hai? Wow, very good. All the ladies wear the shorter dress or naked to be raped.

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Hi all, if you are the parents, please control the girls sic ," she declares, looking into the mobile phone camera. At first, the girls were planning to turn a blind eye to the whole event, like most of us usually do. But they eventually took on the woman at a shopping centre and cornered her in order to get her to apologize. But, to no avail.

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In the video, another middle-aged woman can be seen defending the girls. But that did not help either.

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At the end of the video, the woman lashes out at the girls and claims that because of "girls like these" other girls end up getting raped. Unfortunately, the woman is a mere specimen of our society; her statements only seek to affirm the notion that women ask for it every time they get raped, a notion as old as the hills.

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While we do not condone the video under any circumstances, it would do well to note that the woman is just a drop in an ocean full of people who uphold the same viewpoint.

Today, her deplorable video is going viral because this woman voiced the toxic, repressive mentality that a majority of the Indian society already nurtures.

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The video's comment section is a mere proof of how toxic social media can be. While some commented on the woman's body and fat-shamed her, some even posted rape threats.

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In essence, reaffirming what the woman in question said.


young girls in mini skirt at the mall australian yiung teen pussy pic A woman was called out for criticising on the dressing of a group of young women at a mall in Delhi. The confrontation, which was recorded on a mobile camera, has now gone viral. They asked the woman to apologise for her remarks. However, the woman not only refused to apologise, but stood by her remarks. Hello guys. These ladies want to wear short to short dresses to encourage all to see them.
young girls in mini skirt at the mall nude beat up pussy Jashodhara Mukherjee News This was in Gurgaon, near Delhi. However, the video isn't about just a woman or just an incident. For officials, it is easier to simply claim that a woman wearing 'provocative' clothes or the fact that she was out late at night. Because, of course, the perpetrator is a mere victim in the scheme of things.
young girls in mini skirt at the mall rough lez sex A video shows a middle-aged woman being cornered in Gurgaon for her alleged remarks. A group of young women confronted a middle-aged woman at a mall in Gurgaon near Delhi after lacey chabert sucking cocks allegedly asked men at a restaurant to rape them because one of them was wearing a short skirt. A widely-shared video shows the women cornering the older woman and threatening to make her "viral" if she did not apologise. After the alleged incident, Ms Gupta said, she and her friends led the woman to a shopping centre in the same mall where they insisted that she apologise. I will make your life a living hell if you don't apologise, I promise you that. I will make you viral," one of them can be heard telling the woman in the video.
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